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Tiggis St Annes @ home

Restaurant quality food prepared by you at home

We are excited to bring you our new @ home packs, bringing some of our most popular dishes from the restaurant to you @ home. Each pack serves 1 and contains everything you need to enjoy restaurant quality food @ home. We have done all the preparation and provided all the ingredients for you so its quick and easy to serve.
Find all the dishes and links to the cooking instructions below
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  1. Home made Focaccia  £1.50
  2. Pork Belly  £5.50
    ( Pork belly with a rich red wine sauce and honey roasted pear)
  3. BBQ Spare Ribs  £6.50
  4. Tomato bruschetta   £2.50


  1. Pasta Norma    £7.50
    (Tube shaped pasta aubergine, fresh basil, mozzarella and tomato sauce)
  2. Pasta Gorgonzola  £7.50
    (Tube shaped pasta with a cream tomato, chilli and bacon sauce ) 
  3. Chicken Cacciatora  £8.50
    (Oven baked chicken in a tomato, red pepper and olive sauce with a side of roasted new potatoes)
  4. Lasagna  £7.50
    (Classic tiggis meat lasagna with fresh focaccia ) 

Gluten free pasta avaliable with the naopli, arrbiata, norma and bolognese sauces